Optical MEMS solutions

All-optical sensors are ideal for applications involving harsh environments, distributed networks and remote sensing. CEKO sensors fabricates microchip based sensors with integrated optical structures for strain, acceleration and pressure sensing. Utilizing refractive index modulation technology for high sensitivity, reliability and flexibility CEKO sensors are applicable in a large range of sensing scenarios. Advantages of the CEKO sensors include:

  • Immunity to electromagnetic fields
  • Multiplexing capabilities by frequency modulation
  • Small size, low weight and ultra high sensitivity
  • High temperature resistance

  • Passive, i.e. no need for powering the chip itself
  • All-optical, i.e. no electrical components at all
  • Ideal for remote sensing using optical fibers


CEKO sensors include force sensors, accelerometers, pressure sensors and microphones. For more information on microphones and accelerometers press the link below or go to the products page.

MEMS Optical Microphone

The ceko range of audio microphones are the only all-optical frequency modulated sensors actually capable of measuring audio level pressures.

MEMS Optical Accelerometer

Ceko produces a wide range of high sensitivity accelerometers for low, medium and high frequency applications.

Example applications include structural health monitoring and production optimization on wind turbine blades, pressure and acceleration sensing in oil production and monitoring of forces on pressures on aircrafts.


The sensor technology is currently implemented in the form of an accelerometer, but it is applicable to a number of related sensor concepts including pressure sensors, microphones, force sensors, temperature sensors, strain sensors and chemical sensors. The technology is based on reflection of light from a Bragg grating structure, however, using a completely different physical principle than FBG sensors. This concept allows for significant improvements in sensor specifications. It is at the same time compatible with existing FBG systems.