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MEMS Optical Accelerometers

All-optical and metal-free accelerometers for applications requiring high resolution and wide dynamic range. Ideal for remote sensing, distributed sensor networks and harsh environment sensing with temperatures above 200 deg C.


  • All-optical
  • Passive component
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • High temperature resistance
  • Compatible with wavelength division multiplexing systems
  • Suitable for high sensitivity, small size applications

Read more about applications of the OA-1 series of all-optical MEMS accelerometer on the application page or download our application brochure here (pdf).

Software and Machine Learning

CEKO provides both on-premise, cloud and mobile app software for continuous monitoring of any asset using the SDAS monitoring back-end. The software includes advanced, real-time analysis functions and machine learning features for fast and simple detection of anomalities or changes in asset performance.

MEMS Optical Microphone

Pressure sensors and microphones for remote and distributed sensing. The only frequency modulated all-optical microphone in the world, with a sensitivity comparable to conventional electrical microphones.

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